Read Practical Parenting To Go – 11 Powerful reasons

Two days ago, a newly married colleague who just realised that I published “Practical Parenting To Go”, asked me to give him reasons to read Practical Parenting. It got me by surprise, since I’m not promoting it off-line. So I thought for a second, and realised that the list of chapters can be an excellent example of its benefits. I wish I had a camera ready when I told him. His facial surprise was amusing.

read practical parenting

Basicly, the book was written with the purpose of helping parents to upgrade their parenting skills. Relying on my 16+ years of parenting experience and some pro advice, the book curates some priceless practical wisdom. While enjoying its clear and straightforward nature, Practical Parenting To Go – will show you how to raise a happy, self confident, powerful and loving kid.

Later taht day, I thougt that if what I spoke with my friend made such an impact ,  then I should check how a well formed presentation would work, too.  I gave it two days’ work, and published on slideshare a document with 11 powerful reasons to read Practical Parenting To Go. So here it is.

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