About us

UV’s Library is a publisher of books that seeks to create a better world for children. We would also like to encourage the development of self-awareness and effective interpersonal communication for parents and children alike. All the books are based on the writer’s life experience as a parent. They are created from the desire to enrich the child’s world with an emphasis on the values ​​of empowerment, love, courage, brotherhood, achievement, family and leadership.

The stories include a proposal for fun activities for children and parents, designed to provide an opportunity to deepen the values ​​inherent in the books. The activities would also like to provide a bonding family discourse and improve the child’s reading and writing skills.

The author of this site is Yuval Harpaz.
He is a writer and an illustrator. He is married and a father of three.
UV’s Library main office is located at Nes Ziyona, Israel.

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