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The true story of the light bulb genius inventor’s home reading education

Reading Education of Thomas EdisonTo my surprise Thomas Edison the inventor of the light bulb had very little formal education. As a child he attended school only for a few months and most of his education he gained by his mother and his own merit.

When reading the United States Library of Congress biography of Edison, I saw there was an incident in which he was labeled “addled” by a school administrator. This event led his mother to remove him from school. After that he was famously homeschooled and taught reading, writing, and arithmetic by his mother, a teacher by training. He was always a very curious child and taught himself much by reading on his own.

On November 29, 1907 a literary journal called T.P’s Weekly published a rare interview with Thomas Edison. In this interview Edison spoke of his early education and leaving school.

“One day I overheard the teacher tell the inspector that I was “addled” and it would not be worthwhile keeping me in school any longer. I was so hurt by this last straw that I burst out crying and went home and told my mother about it. Then I found out what a good thing a good mother is. She came out as my strong defender. Mother love was aroused, mother pride wounded to the quick. She brought me back to the school and angrily told the teacher that he didn’t know what he was talking about, that I had more brains than he himself, and a lot more talk like that. In fact, she was the most enthusiastic champion a boy ever had, and I determined right then that I would be worthy of her and show her that her confidence was not misplaced.”

Reading Education

I discovered this true story on the fact-checking site  It let me realise that Thomas Edison is a perfect example for home reading education. It also can show you that no teacher will ever care more about your child’s education than you as a parent, right? So, how fast will you understand that reading skills are an indispensable part of a child’s development?

Teach Your Child How To Read

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