Crickets in the Pockets – New and Original Children’s Book

A new children’s book entiteled Crickets in the Pockets, written and illustrated by Yuval Harpaz, is published on Amazon.

Crickets in the Pockets book cover

The story is about a boy named Tommy who caught a talking cricket. The cricket promises in exchange for his release, to teach Tommy the super-power of overcoming abandoning friends.

The entire focus of this new, fun and adventurous story is to teach children on how they can develop interpersonal skills and make it possible to make new friends and make the friendship last.

Between us, sometimes even adults need such a power, isn’t it? 🙂

The book has a unique blend liked by kids of everyday life and wild imagination. Anyone reading it will find the connection between crickets, pockets, chocolate bars, Franklin D. Roosevelt, tubers juice and basketball. It’s suitable for 2nd graders and up, includes 13 full-color illustrations and about 23k words.

“Crickets in the Pockets” is available in Amazon Kindle version and includes a complimentary Parent’s Guide on how to help your kids better get along with friends. The Parent’s guide also includes some exciting proposals on activities that both parents and kids will enjoy as a family.

Now, when would it be the next best time to get more information about the book and read some customer reviews? Check here for the Crickets in the Pockets Children’s Book and start having more quality time with friends and children.


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