Don’t Let Rocky Get Away!

I’m proud to announce that we just published Don’t Let Rocky Get Away!, the third children’s book in the How to Parent Library Collection. This book also has a maching Parent’s Guide, but also by getting it you can have a special Audio Book version of the story and a Coloring Booklet!

Don't Let Rocky Get away!About Don’t Let Rocky Get Away!

Do you know anyone who can’t seem to organize their rooms? This children’s book is especially written for them.

The story is about a young boy named Tommy who has a very cluttered room. When he tries to get over the mess in his room he is buried under piles of toys and find himself in the Lost Toys Land. There, only Rocky the monkey toy knows the way back. But to it takes a joint effort with other lost toys to get hold of Rocky.

Don't Let Rocky Get Away!

This adventurous and fun story has a fantasy flavour. But the journey through the Lost Toys world focus on taking personal responsibility for one’s actions. It gives the opportunity to realizing that we are not defined by our skills, but by what we do with them. The story gives kids the option to discover the benefits of keeping their room organized and tidy.

monkey toy

“Excellent advice in a book illustrated with gorgeous pictures that seem to come alive on the page.” Robin Landry, Top 500 Reviewer, Amazon.

This children’s book is a great introduction to “chapter books” for children at the age of 6-8.

With 23K words and 18 charming illustrations, the story encourages children to improve reading proficiency.

By getting this book you are entitled for FREE and Exclusive purchasing extras!

  • The “Don’t Let Rocky Get Away” Audio Book – 12:34 minutes narration (MP3 format)
  • A Parent’s Guide – 8 indispensable tips on organizing messy children’s rooms (pdf format)
  • A Coloring Booklet – 17 illustrations for fun and creative times (pdf format)

The kindle version can be bought on Amazon. I hope you’ll enjoy it and find it entertaining and usefull.

P.S. People who know to appreciate a good book would usually leave here a comment, will spread the word and share this post with their friends. 🙂

Yuval Harpaz

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