Kid’s messy room – a stash of treasures and trash

Many parents often complain that their children do not clean their room at all. Sometimes they get so annoyed with their kids that they clean the messy room themselves. Are you facing the same messy room problems? Stop arguing with them or cleaning it by yourself. There is a lighter and better way to do it without being strict to your kids. This article will give you some ideas to harness your kids to a cleaning crusade.

messy room

First you need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of a messy room.

Advantages of the messy room:

Having a messy room is a wonderful exercise to increase your kid’s balance. He needs to work hard on the floor and balance his feet in order to walk in and around the room. They learn how to weave in and out of any area without damaging or breaking any stuff.

Having a messy room increases a handyperson’s skill in the kids. They learn how a jammed drawer can be unlocked, how to arrange their cloths in a wardrobe which is already stuffed. These skills come in handy when they grow up as parents themselves.

Having a messy kid’s room can be beneficial for their memory. As everything is messy in the room, they need to remember where they put their toys and other stuff. You, as a parent, might get surprised to see how your kid manages to spot any object in faster than you.

Their room is their territory. You, as a parent, show a great respect to your kid when you give him his own space and privacy. It teaches your kid that he can have his part of the house, where you can exhibit his individuality. It boosts confidence in your kid.


Having a cluttered room often hampers your kid’s productivity, as they waste their time searching for a thing. It may also grow stress in your children, as they devote their time and energy to find an article and all the efforts go in vain.

Sometimes, a messy room may lead to safety concerns. Moreover, as the room gets messier every day, it becomes harder to keep it clean. Remember, de-cluttering your kids room is not only an exercise to keep the room more organized, but also a factor to keep your kid away from an impending accident.

The bottom line:

Being a parent is a great responsibility and sometimes even tough. As parents, you need to make sure that your kids keeps their room clean and clutter free but at the same time it should not look like intervention. Doing it yourself may hurt your kid’s confidence and self-respect greatly.

messy room

Working together is the best way to go. Make sure you always set a good example. Whenever your kids takes the first step to clean the room, appreciate them. Saying things like “The room looks great, now!” or “You did an amazing job!” would keep them motivated. Also gently introduce them to a cleaning routine but keep it minimal to ensure they can do it regularly.

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