Practical Parenting To Go – A new book about raising kids successfully

Lifetime experience of raising kids, with the practical and research assistance of Róbert Erdei a Developmental and Educational Psychologist is folded into a new book by Yuval Harpaz.  Practical Parenting To Go – How to avoid becoming a toxic parent and being a more helpful one is a well-thought guide for parents who don’t want to unintentionally harm their children emotionally or mentally.

Practical Parenting To Go - New front coverThe book was written especially for practical parents who want to give their children the best support but are afraid to do the opposite. This might happen due to their ignorance to their kids’ necessary full emotional and developmental support. Many parents are unaware of their dire toxicity and tend to unintentionally hurt the desired positive emotional and mental development of their children.

With the alarming incidents that involve such irresponsible negligence of parents to their children Yuval authored this book. He also was influenced by Carolyn Coats’s quote: “Children have more need of models than of critics”.

So, he decided to create a way to help parent  have better choices when raising kids. It also fits to his vision of making this world a better place for our kids.

Practical Parenting To Go took several months of work and a lot of positive intention. By deliberately applying the suggestions and using the information and activities recommended in it, parents can work towards becoming the parents who understands and offers unconditional love, encourages and appreciates your child’s individuality, and who models for your child the kind of individual who is an asset to family, friends, and society.

The book includes explicit recommendations about developing positive relationship, parenting without past influences, being a good role model, setting successful boundaries, building your child’s self confidence, responding to children’s disagreements and more.

Each chapter in this raising kids guide-book includes a list of concise and practical advice for two age groups: Preschoolers (4-6 year old) and School-age Children (7-12 year old). Every parent who wants to take his or her parenting skills to the next level could turn to this great resource again and again as your children grow.

To grab your copy of this book and start raising happy kids and being a more helpful parent click here.

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