The Murky Shadow and the Special Gift

The Murky Shadow story is finally published on Amazon. It took me longer than I thought but I feel it was worth the effort. I spiced it with some love and caring so hope it will give a good reading experience for everyone.

The Murky Shadow and the Special Gift

About the Murky Shadow and the Special Gift

This is a story of Tommy who wants to be a pilot like his father. But it turns out that his fear of darkness holds him back. You are invited to join him on his resourceful journey through his imaginary world to find a way to beat his fear. In the story you will discover how his father helps him to attain his bravery.

Murky Shadow

The Murky Shadow and the Special Gift children’s book is good for kids who want to overcome their fear of dark, but also for everyone how wants to enjoy a good reading. Who wouldn’t want to conquer their monsters?

it is the first of the “How to Parent Library Collection” and aimed for children at the age of 6-8. The book has 13 wonderful illustrations, about 1,300 words and is a great source for improving reading proficiency.

parent's gude

Anyone who gets the book is entitled for an exclusive FREE Parents’ Guide.  The complimentary guide includes broad details on the fear of darkness, practical tips for overcoming it and some fun activities for the whole family.

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